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"Here Is What To Expect"

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  • First Half of the program is non-stop entertainment.  People have a natural curiosity to things of the supernatural, therefore Scott gives a clear disclaimer that everything done on stage is nothing more than sleight of hand and illusion.  Scott does not claim to possess any type of supernatural power.  In fact, any eight year old child can do the things that Scott does...with 15 years of practice of course.

  • Second Half Scott brings some more entertainment to the table.  Scott then begins to introduce the spiritual side of life. People wonder about the supernatural because the human soul longs for meaning and purpose. These are longings that can only be fulfilled if a transcendent, supernatural God exists.  It is exactly this reality that Scott begins to describe as he shares his life story and the message of the Gospel about a loving and perfect God who is personal and desires to have a personal relationship with each of us through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

The program is more of a show than an evangelistic message, this is a bridging event.  Scott Wolf Ministries is primarily committed to the end of seeing people come to Christ. In a program where the gospel is presented and Scott’s personal testimony is shared, the intention is to introduce people to their need for Christ. Most often,Scott will give an invitation to pray a simple salvation prayer and respond to Christ’s call for salvation. This is also where the local church or ministry can follow up those in attendance through Scott's response card.

  • A two hour unbelievable night of illusion, comedy, entertainment, and inspirational stories of hope.

  • An opportunity to connect with your community in a very powerful and unique way. 

  • A family friendly show that appeals to all languages, and cultures.


  • A highly energized show with visual effects and movement.

  • An inspirational message that has impacted millions around the world.

Download The Official Outreach Manual 

"Cool Kids Don't Bully"

The Cool Kids Don't Bully Program is 45 minutes of incredible magic and an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages. Our 45-minute show includes magical entertainment, an anti-bullying educational segment, audience participation, and highly energetic with upbeat music. We guarantee your kids will go wild as they sit at the edge of their seats astonished. Our show is suitable for elementary, middle school, and high school students.


The Magic Of Scott Wolf offers up to 30-60 minutes of pure entertainment! His highly energetic performance will keep you on the edge of your seat and will include audience participation, strictly visual magic, and loads of fun and laughter. Scott Wolf is renowned for his amazing magic and slight of hand, making him one of the best magicians in the Pacific North West.

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