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Three internationally-known illusionists boldly reveal the powerful secrets behind the supernatural, psychic ability and the limits of Satan: Do some humans have supernatural powers? Is it possible to read minds? How do psychics get their secret information? Could the miracles of Jesus have been an illusion? Should we be afraid of Satan? Solid answers and amazing personal stories make this a fascinating read. Unmasking the Masquerade: Three Illusionists Investigate Deception, Fear, and the Supernatural is well documented and endorsed by notable experts in the field, including Andre Kole, Founder and Director, Andre Kole Outreach and world-renowned illusionist and inventor of illusions. Kole summarizes in his foreword: The three illusionists you're about to read--Rod Robison, Adrian Van Vactor, and Toby Travis--put forth a convincing case that prominent beliefs in the paranormal are erroneous and without merit. You'll explore with them some of the history of alleged paranormal activities that were later found to be fraudulent or simply misunderstood. Some of these incidents had enormous impact on our culture and still do, years and even centuries later. You'll delve into what the Bible has to say about Satan's true powers and lack thereof, and how the scriptures have been misunderstood and even, in some cases, manipulated to lead people down dangerous paths to deception and unwarranted fear. And you'll discover why Jesus, who has been accused by ancient and modern-day skeptics and critics of being a magician or even a myth, was, in fact, the One who really did accomplish the impossible, laying legitimate claim to being "God with us."  

Included in the final chapter is Scott Wolf's incredible story of rescue and redemtion.

Unmasking The Masquerade by Rod Robison, Dr. Toby Travis, & Adrian VanVactor. F

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