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Your goal as the Publicity Coordinator is to see that as many people as possible have been exposed to the name  “Scott Wolf Ministries”, know about the show, and have enough information to be able to attend the show. Your responsibility as the Publicity Coordinator is to develop and implement strategies to accomplish  your goal. 

When we talk about publicizing the show we need to understand the difference between promotion and  publicity. 

Promotion is person-to-person, personal invitation, word of mouth. Promotion is people talking to  people! 

Publicity refers to the actual tools used in telling others about the show: posters, fliers, DVD’s, news paper ads, etc. 

Publicity gives credibility to promotion. Being able to refer to a newspaper ad, poster, radio spot, and  etc. reinforces word of mouth promotion.  Publicity also gives credibility to the show itself. By using professionally produced materials we enhance the image of my program. 

Publicity is very important to getting people to the program. While it’s true you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink, you can feed him salt along the way! 

Any publicity that you can create in addition to what is available from me must be approved by me be fore being used. My desire is not to limit your creativity (I am always looking for new ideas) but rather to ensure that certain standards are maintained in all aspects of our campaign. 

Following are a number of areas you need to consider. Your final publicity campaign will be a combination of a number of things. 

1. Personal Invitation 

The number one reason people come to this program is personal invitation. On the average 50-60% of  those in attendance at a show are there as a result of some form of personal invitation. Two methods  of organized personal invitation are Social Media and phone calling. 

Door To Door 

Phone Calling 

One On One's 

Social Media

2. Posters & Flyers

You need to be able to answer all the unspoken whys. Why are we hosting Scott Wolf Ministries? Why are we  expending time, money, effort, to inform people about this program?  In a recent survey of hosts with similair programs, 60% indicated that the Christians involved in hosting the outreach did not have a proper perspective of how God could use this ministry in their community.  

That is tragic! 


My poster are by special order in one size only – 11 x17.  Larger posters will be available soon. Posters should be put  up in store windows, restaurants, etc. that are frequented by your target audience. This is especially  true in smaller communities.


Everyone involved in promoting the show should have a supply of fliers and posters. 

Be aware that the posters on the outside of windows, bulletin boards, etc. will not stay up indefinitely.  One suggestion is to hold a few back initially and check later to see if any need replacing. 

If you are publicizing on a campus, be sure to put up posters there. 


The color flier is the single best tool you can get into the hands of your people who are promoting the show.



Organize some specific times a couple of days before the show to pass out fliers on campus and in the  community. Also, I suggest they be available wherever tickets are being sold. 

One host was available to put a flier in each sack at a local grocery store for a week prior to the show.  Another host paid a local Boy Scout troop one or two cents per flier to distribute fliers door to door.  One host distributed fliers by putting them on the windshields of cars in the parking lot of a local shopping mall. 


Probably the best way to get the fliers into the people’s hands to be used as invitation tools is as bulletin inserts in churches. Because of the color and type of paper it will stand out from the rest of the bulletin and any other inserts. 

Look into the possibility of using the flier as an insert in a weekly ‘neighborhood shopper’ type of news paper. 

Everyone involved in promotion should have some fliers with them at all times. 

3. Promotional DVD

I have a promotional DVD which will be available for your use in a few weeks.  The DVD is less than five minutes in length and can be used to publicize the show. Use your imagination – Lions clubs,  Kiwanis, Rotary clubs, home and garden clubs, community clubs, high school groups, Chambers of Commerce, Church, etc. 

If you are selling tickets to the show, work with the Ticket Sales Coordinator to be sure that tickets are  available at every showing. 

Use your imagination! Because of its portability the DVD enables you to expose a large number of  people in every positive way. 

3. Publicity Media & Suggestions


This is the number one paid media for getting people to attend. The newspaper strategy serves to inform people by means of a normal communicator. Your strategy should incorporate advertisements, free press releases, and any other coverage you can get. 


Radio alone will usually not motivate people to come to the show. However, it can lend credibility to the word of mouth promotion. Don’t overlook radio, but don’t rely heavily on it either. Following are some suggestions.


• Check into the possibility of PSA’s (Public Service Announcements). Some stations give discounts to non-profit or church groups. If this is the case, you might consider approaching a church or group to help with the publicity campaign in this way. Do not confuse the issue of sponsorship in this situation. 

• Have people who have seen the show before call in on talk shows of secular and Christian stations. If the show runs more than one night in your situation, approach stations about a call-in review of the show. 

• I am available for interviews ahead of time. It’s common practice in radio to tape interviews over the phone to be aired at a later date. This is especially helpful since I am usually in town the day of the show. 


Local stations are always looking for interesting program material and guests for their local show.  

Show any part of the DVD they will allow. Also be sure and take some publicity materials and background information with you. 

All interviews must be cleared through me. 

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