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You Are Very Important!!

I believe one reason this outreach is so effective is the professionalism of the show. As a seasoned entertainer,  I strive to maintain a very professional attitude at each show I do. The professionalism gives this program credibility, and the credibility causes the audience to really listen to the message when I share the Gospel. You  play a significant role in this process, and ultimately in people responding to the Gospel.

This part of the manual is divided into sections.  Please copy and paste any of the sections that will be helpful for those on your team. 

1. Facility

Confirm The Facility

1. The first thing to do is confirm that the facility has been reserved. See the Overall Coordinator regarding any arrangements that have already been made. 

2. Make sure the facility is reserved for the proper time and length of time; usually 7-8 hours total with 4-6 hours prior to show time for our set up. This may vary, check with your Overall Coordinator. 

3. Make sure the Facility Information Sheet has been sent to me as soon as possible! 

Technical Specifications 

It is your responsibility to meet with the Facility Manager regarding my program. There will be a great  difference in the type of stage managers you may encounter. We trust that because of your dealings with them prior to my arrival, they are ready for me when I arrive.  I desire to minimize the manager’s responsibility. In most cases, during the show no one will be allowed back-stage except myself and approved personnel only. Specific items to review with the stage  manager include: 

Scott Wolf Technical Requirements 

1. Stage Area 

Ideally the stage should be at least 15 feet wide by 10 feet deep. Bigger is always better. If the audience will  be sitting on the floor (ballroom, coliseum, gym, etc.) then portable staging will need to be 4 feet high. 

My show involves action from knee-height up. People want to see all the stage in a magic show. If the stage  is lower, then people will not be able to see clearly and may be disappointed. If renting extra staging seems to  costly, call me. 

Unique situations require unique solutions and most often adaptations can be made. If there is a problem con cerning staging, call me and I will try to work something out. 

2. Steps 

Steps are needed from the front of the stage to the audience. If there is a choice of position, they should be on  stage right. 

3. Stage Time 

I will need to have the stage 4-5 hours prior to the show, 2 hours for the show, and 1 -2 hours afterwards for  breaking down and loading out for a total of approximately 7-9 hours. 

4. Stage Cleared 

Please have the stage completely cleared of everything prior to my equipment arriving at the facility. I have a  lot of equipment to set-up that needs to be properly positioned on the stage.

5. Dressing Rooms


I need the use of one dressing room if it is accessible directly from the stage. It should be clean and well lit. I  may not use a dressing room if it means leaving the backstage to do so. Green rooms, band rooms, etc  directly off stage but connected are ok. 

6. Electrical 

I will use (2) 110 electrical outlets. THESE NEED TO BE ON SEPARATE CIRCUITS (20 –30 amps). If the  outlets are farther than 20 feet from the stage, I will provide extension cords. It is a necessity that the spotlight  be run off its own circuit, separate from these 2. 


Prior to the show someone needs to show me where the fuse  box is in case of any unforeseen electrical failures. Generally my requirements are low and no electrician is  needed. 

7. Spotlight 

I provide my own spotlight, preferably back center is where it will be placed. 

8. Spotlight Operator 

Arrangements must be made for a spotlight operator. A written cue  sheet will be provided the night of the show. The spotlight operator should be available at least one hour before show time. 

9. Lighting Operator  (Only If Your Facility Is Equipped With Professional Lighting)

If the show was being held in a facility that is well equipped for stage lighting, someone from this facility should  be available to help set the stage lights when I arrive at the facility 2 hours prior to the show.  

I will provide a cue sheet to the operator and go over each of the cues for lighting. 

If the stage light controls are backstage, someone from the facility will need to be backstage to run the stage  lights during the show.  This is also true for house lights. If the controls are backstage or in the house I will need someone to operate  the house lights during the show. 

10. Sound System 

My show is built around music and effects and as a requirement I ask that you supply at the minimum, two  (2) main speakers on stands (or suspended) aimed toward the front of the house. Also provide 1 hard wired microphone on a stand with enough XLR cable to extend beyond both sides of the stage (Stage Right & Stage Left), 1 wireless microphone (with a stand) or a Lavaliere headset Microphone (Not a lapel Microphone). There is no limit to the amount of speakers used for the house. I can also use Subs as well as monitors if available. My show is high energy and to maintain that energy, volume and quality equipment is needed. 

I will provide the audio tech with his music and Voice Over Introductions on a Flash Drive in MP3 Format and  WAV Format. A cue sheet to the show will be provided as well and gone over before show time. Please have  the audio tech that is familiar with the sound system and is tech savvy and capable of following a cue sheet.  This person should be available 3 hours before show time. 

Please make sure that your audio tech can hear all verbal cues and has sufficient amount of experience running audio and following cue sheets.   If not let me know and I will provide my own audio tech.

11. Unloading Crew 

The host must provide 4 able bodied people to help unload the equipment. Unloading the equipment will start  4 - 5 hours before show time. If I can unload directly from the back of my vehicle to the stage, unloading will  only take 8-10 minutes. If I cannot unload directly to the stage, unloading will take longer. I will start reloading  the equipment about 45 minutes after the show. Again, 4 people will be needed. Load out will take approximately 20 minutes. 

12. Doors Unlocked/Loading Path Clear

Please make sure the facility will be opened when I arrive and that there is a clear loading path  from my vehicle to the stage.

13.  Video Projector and Screen

During my show I use a video presentation. I ask that your facility be equipped with this. 

The screen needs to be high enough that an 8’ curtain will not get in the way. If this is a problem please let me know and I can arrange my curtains to make it work or provide a portable screen.

14. Important 

Because of the unusual nature of this program, I require the need for privacy, and for security reasons, I ask  that no one be allowed backstage during setup and during the performance other than the approved  personnel. Please instruct all personnel that once the equipment is unloaded and I have set my curtains, no  one should come backstage. If they must, they should knock on the stage door or call me from outside the  front curtain so that arrangements can be made for them to come backstage. I have things set up for the show  that can cause serious injuries and or jeopardize the show. I know this is an unusual situation and I appreciate  your cooperation. 

2. Resource Tables


I will need 2 tables. The tables need to be 6’ . These tables should be in the lobby somewhere near the main entrance that will be visible to people walking in.  These need to be set up when I arrive.

3. Personnel

One of your most important responsibilities is to recruit the following personnel. Be sure and recruit

responsible people who will carry out their various jobs. Recruit people well in advance. 

Unloading & Loading Crews

I require a minimum of 4 people at the facility to help unload the equipment when my vehicle arrives (check  with the Overall Coordinator to obtain my arrival time at the facility). It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to unload my vehicle. After everything is unloaded, I will need 2 members of the unloading crew to stay around for about another hour or so to help with other areas of set-up. 

I also need 4 people again after the show to help re-load my vehicle. These do not have to be the same people that helped unload. 

Please, no one under 16 years of age for the unloading/loading crew. 

As part of my program I make books, magic tricks, promotional material, and resources available available at my merchandise table.

Important Note!!

In the past I have had my loading crew begin to drift off after the program. Then when I am ready for them I had lost my crew. It is important that they stick around after the show. 

When selecting these people it is very important that only trustworthy people who you know personally are  used. My program involves thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Things can be stolen and or misplaced by seemingly sincere individuals who volunteered to help but who were not known or selected by the  coordinator. 

The only exception to this rule is if your facility requires you to use union help to unload my vehicle. This is  very costly to you and is not necessary. Diplomatically try to have the rule waived as well as the cost. If union  men are required, I will do the loading and unloading himself. If you must use union help, be sure to let me know in advance. 


No one except myself and approved personnel only should be backstage from set-up time to load-out time,  especially during the program. You need to provide someone to monitor all entrances to the stage or see that  they are locked so that no one comes backstage without permission from me. 

Once the audience begins to enter, no one should walk on stage or come backstage through the center or  side curtains. If you must come backstage, find a side door or back entrance, but do not enter without first  obtaining permission to do so. Certain things are set up on stage as well as back stage that non personnel are  unaware of which in turn can damage certain routines and or be dangerous to them as well. This can cause  the show to start late. This needs to be communicated to everyone involved. 

The security personnel should be in place before the doors open to the public. They should have front row  seats during the show – I do not want them to miss the show. Immediately after the show they should stand  near the stage to make sure nobody comes backstage. I will brief the Security Team 11/2 hours before the  show. I will come out after the show to answer questions and talk to the audience as they exit, but people need to wait out front or in the lobby and not come backstage. 

4. Ushers


There are several different responsibilities that need to be covered by the ushers. They should arrive at least  one hour and 30 minutes before the doors are opened to the audience for instructions and orientation.  Make sure you communicate clearly in advance how you expect them to dress. They need to look sharp and be dressed appropriately for the audience. Work with the Ticket Sales Coordinator to reserve seats for them. 

The facility you are renting may require you to use their ushers. If at all possible, save money and provide your own. If you are required to use their ushers, then remember that they are working for you. If the facility charges you for ushers, than call me. I will work out something. 


There is a 10 minute intermission in the program which will allow people to stretch and get any refreshments if available.  This also allows me to reset my stage for the second half.

Comment & Connection Cards

It is the ushers’ responsibility to both distribute and collect the comment or connection cards. Details are

contained in the instructions at the end of this section.  

The comment/connection cards will arrive with me. Once you have the cards, count and cross stack bundles of cards according to the number of seats in each row. Bundle the pencils likewise. Then place the cards and  pencils in buckets under the seats reserved for ushers. Reserve aisle seats for ushers to facilitate the distribu tion of cards and pencils. Try to make the buckets as inconspicuous as possible with the cards face down. 

If your facility does not lend itself to this approach, you may need to stash the buckets of cards and pencils out  of sight in the front, back, sides, or combination of these places. They need to be located close to the ushers  so that they can get them out quickly.


If the program is in a church, do not put the cards on the pews or chairs. Please do not put them in the hymnal  racks. Call me if you feel the need to do this. 

5. Miscellanious


Acquire a sufficient number of small “golf” pencils. These should be bundled together with rubber bands

according to the number of seats in a row. 

Buckets Or Other Containers

You will need containers to collect the cards and pencils in after the Gospel presentation. KFC or Ice cream  type buckets covered with some Scott Wolf (Posters, flyer’s, etc.) work fine. 


I suggest having a nursery available where children can be taken during the show if necessary.  Work with  your Overall Coordinator on this. 

Opening The Doors Prior To The Performance

Usually the doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show. The auditorium doors may not be opened without  permission from me. I need to be ready before the doors open! 

6. Final Note

In addition to the professionalism of the show, another reason your job is so important is this program.  

I will notice when your job has been done well and will appreciate it. I know what it is like to be behind the  scenes, and when your job is done well it is a real encouragement to me – even if I forget to mention it. 

Thank you for all you do!!! 

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