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This is one of Scott's close up specialties and own creation.  Two blue-faced jokers are taken out of a deck of blue backed cards and placed into the box.  The box is then handed to a spectator to hold onto.  The spectator is asked to name any card they see in the deck and the selected card is brought to the top of the deck, turned over revealing that the card is a red card.  To further the mystery, the spectator is asked to write their name on the face of the card and it is cut to the center of the deck.  The magician then spreads the cards out showing all the blue backs and that the red card (the spectators signed card) has now vanished.  The spectator is asked to open the box and the magician pulls out the two jokers spreading them apart revealing a red card trapped in-between.  The red card is turned over showing that the spectators signature is written on the face.  For the big finish, the red card is turned back over showing it to be a blue card.  NOT FOR BEGINNERS!


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