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Guidelines For Establishing Prayer In Your Community 

As a prayer coordinator your top priority should be your own prayer. You must set the example.


1. Establish an overall goal and write it down. 

2. Identify existing prayer resources. 

3. Identify your prayer requests. Make them as specific as you can. In order to identify your prayer requests you will need to set up a system of communication between you, as prayer coordinator, and each committee head.


4. After identifying your existing resources and specific prayer requests, establish various strategies to mobilize and unite these resources. Orient your strategy toward a system that will promote unity and encouragement as a way of life. 


  •  Establish a weekly or bi-weekly prayer list. (See exhibit A at the end of this section.) 

  •  Obtain prayer requests from each coordinator weekly. Use this list to communicate to your prayer resources. Be sure to include a section for answers to prayer. 

  • Establish a prayer partner strategy. This would encourage partners to pray regularly (15 to 30 minutes weekly) for my message, Teen Challenge, the program, and those attending the program. 

  • Establish a system where people pray for specific individuals. You can pattern this strategy after Billy Graham’s “Operation Andrew.” (See Exhibit B at the end of this section.) 

  • Depending on available manpower, establish a 24-hour prayer chain prior to my arrival. 

  • Send letters or postcards urging family, friends, churches, etc. to be faithful in prayer. (See Exhibit C at the end of this section.) 

  • After the show is over, follow up with a praise letter of the results and how God worked.

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